Explorer's Deck

How do you discover, record, and communicate the human experience of Place? I envisioned this deck of cards as a creative catalyst and tool for sharpening your appreciation of the world around you. Discover cards draw your attention to the unique elements and qualities that define a place. Record cards inspire you to try a wide range of techniques for capturing and sharing a place. Wild cards provoke thought about how issues of time and perspective affect your experience of a place.

This deck of cards began as my Masters in Landscape Architecture final project and continued as a passion project after graduation. 

What I did

  • Academic research into landscape theory and recording methods
  • Conceptual design
  • Writing of cards and instructions
  • Field testing with students of architecture and landscape architecture
  • Art direction with graphic designer and illustrator
  • Package design and printing with Stumptown Printers.

I've sold these decks online and in local retail stores. Studio H high school students used the cards in a discovery exercise, and I have been invited to lead "experiential site analysis" workshops with students of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Graphic design by Tara Lilly

Package illustration by Jessie Kaye