I worked with Jenny for a little over 2 years at Jive Software, and in that time I witnessed first-hand Jenny's attention to detail, ability to distill problems down to their core essence, and then transform those problems into beautiful and usable solutions. Jenny helped improve key parts of the Jive platform, create new features and capabilities, and also lead our design research activities. Jenny worked very well with others on the Design team, as well as others across the company, was positive and always eager to help others. I can't recommend Jenny enough, she was a fantastic member of my team and I hope we get work together again one day.

Ryan Vanderzanden
Vice President, Design at Jive Software

My manager at Jive Software


Jenny has been instrumental in helping us identify and capture the attributes driving our target customers. Her insight into customer behavior and User Interface design are superlative. Jenny has a very effective manner in developing and testing hypotheses and eliciting input. She is a master at turning that into a design and structure that will guide our efforts going forward.

Craig Spiegelberg
CEO, AppVista Corporation

Worked with Craig as a UX strategy consultant



While I've worked with a lot of very talented designers, I've never worked with anyone who could synthesize information as well as Jenny. She is truly gifted at concepting innovative usages, designing for complex information and data visualizations, and advocating for users. Her passion for leveraging her design skills for the good of humanity is unprecedented, and I won't be surprised if her future work solves major problems that users encounter all over the globe. If you have the opportunity to work with Jenny, I highly recommend you take it--even the most seasoned UX'er will learn something new.

Emily Mahood Bowman
UX Designer, Information Architect, Content Strategist

Colleague at Empirical UX Research and Design



I've had the pleasure of working with Jenny at Empirical since I started here nine months ago. During this time, I have found her to be both a great colleague and an inspiration in my own personal and professional pursuits. 

For example, we had the opportunity to collaborate on a special project related to technology and disaster relief. She not only developed this concept herself, but took it from idea to reality through her own passion and dedication. Throughout the project, I've observed an admirable sense of leadership, creativity and open-mindedness that is rare to come across. She has always sought out feedback from others to improve her designs and prototypes, and clearly values incorporating both the input of her colleagues and the voice of the user throughout the design process. 

Jenny also has an impressive ability to see her ideas through to the end and to stay focused on her goals, while remaining realistic and nimble. Jenny’s Curious Terrain Explorer’s Deck is a perfect illustration of her dedication and creativity (not to mention being a really cool and unique product!) 

I’ve enjoyed working with Jenny and continue to appreciate her genuineness, positivity, integrity, and inquisitiveness. I have no doubt that she will bring an unmatched level of energy to any project or position she takes on – any organization will be lucky to have her as a member of the team.

Amy Santee
Applied Anthropologist and User Experience Researcher

Colleague at Empirical UX Research and Design



Throughout our long acquaintance (which began before she worked at Intraware), Jennifer has always impressed me with her willingness—and ability—to push herself to learn more and do more, well beyond what is expected or required. To aid her in her quest for the exceptional, whatever her field of endeavor, she has the advantage of having at her disposal her adventurous spirit and probing mind.

Jennifer is creative, agile, empathetic, and analytical, able to quickly home in on the crux of any problem she faces, whether her own or that of a client, communicate it clearly, and see a way to a solution. She never backs down from a challenge and she's always up to something interesting—like creating her awesome Curious Terrain Explorer’s Deck.

Thea Gray
Medical Editor, Teacher, Maker

Colleague at Intraware



I have been really impressed with Jennifer Marx' deep inquiry into the nature of place. The Curious Terrain Explorer's Deck that she created are a wonderful tool for opening a designer's eyes to the possibilities of a site. 

When Jennifer lead my architecture students in an exercise to understand and record Portland's Lloyd District Rose Quarter, they really appreciated how the cards help them filter through the location's complex dynamics. And I appreciated how Jennifer could keep them engaged despite terribly cold, rainy weather. Her ideas and feedback inspired several students to design sophisticated graphics about the place. Because of our shared interest in place representation and thinking processes, I have enjoyed discussing ways to work with the cards. 

It's wonderful that Jennifer was able to build on her UO thesis to refine such a beautiful commercial product, and then keep developing fun and educational applications. Whenever I travel I try to bring a few sets of cards to give as gifts because they are such a great example of what our school can foster. I'm eager to see what Jennifer's next project will be, as she has many capabilities.

Nancy Yen-Wen Cheng
Associate Professor of Architecture at University of Oregon
At Nancy's invitation, I led two experiential site analysis workshops for senior architecture students, served as a mentor to students completing their terminal projects, and participated in studio critiques. 



Working with Jennifer is a brilliant excursion. Her attention to user expectations and creative excellence is unparalleled, as is her wonderful personality that accompanies her stellar mind.

James Rice
Chief of the Fiction Tribe

My manager and creative director at CMD Agency