Image Collections

Image collections enable community managers and members to tell visual stories and curate visual assets. In a departure from manually curated albums, these collections are dynamic. You filter images by tag, category, and/or author, and then save the filtered set as a collection. Thereafter, anytime you add images that match the filters, they are automatically added to the collection.

This project was a classic example of the UX maxim, "It's hard to make it easy!" Usability testing resulted in substantial changes to the interaction design. After release, we continued to gather customer feedback and reconsider elements of the design.

What I did

  • Needs analysis and design requirements definition in collaboration with product management and customer
  • Precedent study of graphic browsing and organization tools
  • Goals and task analysis
  • Interaction design
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • Interactive (Invision) prototype
  • Agile user stories
  • Collaboration with visual designer, developers, and quality engineers throughout the release cycle

Note: Visual design by David Doms